Safeco Insurance Fund FAQ
How do we apply for charitable contributions?
Safeco Insurance Fund has an online grant application. Requirements for applications are detailed in our Guidelines. Please read Safeco Insurance Fund's Guidelines before applying.

Does Safeco Insurance Fund have a matching gifts program?
​No. However, through our employee giving program, Give with Liberty, the Fund provides a 50 percent match on employee gifts made to select organizations chosen by employees. Only employee gifts made during the program campaign and through payroll deduction are eligible.

Does Safeco Insurance Fund accept letters of intent?
​​No. An organization's narrative, financials, board list, project budget and other information weigh in too heavily for us to advise from a letter of intent alone.
When is Safeco Insurance Fund's application deadline?
​There is no deadline. We review on a rolling basis -- first in, first reviewed.
How will we know if Safeco Insurance Fund received our online application successfully?
​​You will receive an e-mail upon successful submission of your application. It is important that the e-mail address you supply with your application is accurate, and that you are able to receive e-mail from us.
For online proposals, when and how will we be notified of a decision?
​We will send you a letter via U.S. mail within six to eight weeks of submission. Please allow at least eight weeks before contacting Safeco Insurance Fund to inquire about the status of your request.

How much time is required to complete the online application?
​On average, it takes about one hour to complete the application. You can save your work along the way, should you get interrupted.
What materials do I need to complete the application?
​​In addition to answering a few questions, you will need to:
  • upload the organization's budget (and the program budget, if you're applying for programmatic support)
  • upload the organization's most recent signed financial statements prepared by an independent public accountant or a Certified Public Accountant
  • upload the organization's most recent IRS Form 990
  • enter the names of members of your board of directors, with their affiliations
  • list other contributors and their levels of support.
May I contact Safeco Insurance Fund staff if I have questions or problems with my application?
​​If your problem is technical in nature, please contact the helpdesk number shown on the application form.

While Safeco Insurance Fund staff is available to answer any questions you may have regarding your submission, we are unable to "pre-qualify" proposals, and our responses may be limited to a general explanation of the Fund’s priorities and goals. We encourage applicants to familiarize themselves with our Guidelines and Giving Report before applying in order to determine if their organization and/or program matches Safeco Insurance Fund’s mission.
How do we apply for sponsorships (such as sporting and event sponsorships)?
In addition to the philanthropic categories above, Safeco Insurance occasionally provides support through sponsorship of local events. These requests are not considered through the Safeco Insurance Fund.

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