Coming together for a more sustainable, livable planet

The world is on a mission to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy critical to our planet’s future well-being. Economies all over the world will face unique constraints and opportunities. Each journey will be different. We need urgent, responsible action, a shift to a new way of doing things. 

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The insurance industry plays a critical role in our economic system by deploying considerable human and financial capital to ensure societies prepare for adversity. The industry’s world-class capabilities of assessing risks and developing solutions to mitigate them will be critical to how the climate transition unfolds.

The Liberty Mutual Climate Transition Center (CTC) leverages proprietary research, data and insights and encourages cross-industry partnerships to advance the collective understanding of climate-related risks, impacts, and resilience. The CTC aims to empower insurance professionals, customers, policymakers and decision-makers globally to adapt to and mitigate one of the biggest challenges of our time – climate change.  


Latest research and insights

Transitioning to a low carbon economy

Climate Transition Pathways

A summary of our published research on how finance can adapt and mitigate risk

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Transitioning to a low carbon economy

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