Security Policy

We take our responsibility to safeguard your information very seriously and employ multiple safeguards in order to help insure that your information is protected as it is transmitted from your computer and stored on our computers at Liberty Mutual Insurance.

Encryption -- When dealing with your personal/private information our computers, and working in partnership with your browser, use an industry standard security protocol  (Secure Sockets Layer – SSL) to help insure that the information is encrypted and protected from eavesdropping.  SSL helps insure that the conversation your browser is having with our servers is private and that the information contained therein is safe and delivered only to our computers

Firewall -- Once your information reaches our servers we protect it in many ways including storing the information on secure servers and using  a device known as a firewall which protects your information by detecting and preventing un-authorized access to the information.

Authorized access -- Working with our firewalls and other mechanisms we also protect your information by only allowing access to your information by employees and authorized parties who have  a legitimate and verified need to access the information in order to service your requests and administer policies and claims.