• Places

    ​Safeco Insurance Fund contributes the majority of its funding to organizations and programs that serve Washington and Oregon.
    Liberty Mutual Group also supports organizations in other communities where we have employees and customers. Through our employee giving program, Give with Liberty, Liberty Mutual Group's Foundations support approximately 9,000 charitable organizations nationwide by providing a 100% match on employee donations made through payroll deductions.

  • Programs

    Safeco Insurance Fund gives priority to educational programs that encourage disadvantaged youth to excel academically and that create opportunities for lifelong success through learning.
    Health and Safety
    Safeco Insurance Fund favors organizations and programs that are committed to improving the quality of life and safety in our communities.

  • Populations

    Safeco invests much of its funding in youth. Priority is given to programs serving disadvantaged children and teenagers.
    Low-Income Families and Individuals
    The Fund favors humanitarian organizations and programs that deliver basic human services and that create opportunities for self-sufficiency for low-income individuals and families.
    People with Disabilities
    Safeco Insurance Fund supports organizations and projects that promote the participation of people with disabilities in all aspects of our communities.

  • Types of Support

    General Operating Support
    General operating funds are considered for agencies whose missions closely align with those of Safeco Insurance Fund.
    Program Support
    Organizations whose missions are outside the scope of education or health and safety are encouraged to request specific project funding relevant to the thrust and priorities of our philanthropy program.
    Capital Funding
    Occasionally, the Fund provides funding to the capital campaigns of organizations whose missions closely align to that of the Safeco Insurance Fund.

  • Sponsorships, Dinners and Memberships

    ​In addition to the philanthropic categories above, Safeco Insurance occasionally provides support through sponsorship of local events. These requests are not considered through the Safeco Insurance Fund. Please submit request in writing to:
    Office of the Safeco President
    Safeco Insurance
    1001 4th Ave, Suite 4700
    Seattle, WA 98154

  • Application Procedures for Fund Grants

    ​To apply for a grant from the Safeco Insurance Fund, please click here. Grant applications are submitted online and are reviewed every six weeks.
    Safeco does not provide philanthropic support for:

    • Individuals
    • Foundations that are primarily grant-making agencies
    • Organizations requesting funds for sectarian activities
    • Fraternal, social, labor or political organizations
    • Trips, tours and transportation
    • Deficit spending or debt liquidation
    • Conferences, forums or special events
    • Organizations that have applied within the past 12 months
    • Nonfunctionally integrated supporting organizations, as classified by the IRS