​Over the past 100 years, Liberty Mutual Insurance has been committed to helping people preserve and protect what they earn, build, own and cherish. As we look to the future, we remember a century’s worth of milestones made possible by our employees, partners and most importantly our customers.

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Our History

(slide 1 of 12) First insurance policy from 1912 .

Originally formed to provide workers compensation insurance, we opened our doors on July 1, 1912.

(slide 2 of 12) A 1920's auto insurance advertisement .

We grew quickly and provided more kinds of protection, including our first auto policy in 1918.

(slide 3 of 12) Film cover from 1920 film "The Hand of Fate" - a film about workplace safety .

In 1920, we used the then-new medium of film to teach the importance of workplace safety.

(slide 4 of 12) The construction of 175 Berkeley st. Boston office in the 1930's.

We're in 30 countries, but our roots are in Boston, where we built our first Home Office in 1937.

(slide 5 of 12) A drawing of a 1940's escalator shutdown invention - an invention by Liberty Mutual .

As innovators, we pioneered escalator safety by helping create an emergency stop switch in 1946.

(slide 6 of 12) Image of the 1959 "safety car" that Liberty Mutual partnered with Cornell on .

To enhance safety on the highway, we partnered with Cornell in 1957 to create a "safety car."

(slide 7 of 12) A man with the first battery-powered prosthetic elbow - 1960's.

In 1967, we worked to help the injured by creating the first battery-powered prosthetic elbow.

(slide 8 of 12) The cover to a 1970 Annual report put out by Liberty Mutual Insurance .

In 1973, we grew outside North America, establishing our first operation in the United Kingdom.

(slide 9 of 12) A 1985 annual report cover by Liberty Mutual Insurance .

Liberty Mutual underwrites The Statue of Liberty, an Academy Award-nominated documentary.

(slide 10 of 12) A 1990 annual report cover by Liberty Mutual Insurance featuring a close up of the statue of liberty's face .

We continued to grow in the 1990s through acquisition of major commercial and risk carriers.

(slide 11 of 12) Safeco Insurance logo.

In 2008, Seattle-based Safeco Corporation became a part of our enterprise.

(slide 12 of 12) Solaria Labs logo.

We remain committed to customer-focused innovation today, with Solaria Labs' creation in 2016.