Our Giving

Every day, with compassion and resolve, our community partners help build security and resilience for the people and communities they serve.

They provide food and shelter to families in urgent need, help underserved youth blaze trails to college and careers, and prepare neighborhoods to adapt to a changing climate. They tackle persistent issues like education inequities and high housing costs, while responding swiftly to of-the-moment challenges, like inflation and learning loss. In doing all this and so much more, our community partners are making a profound difference in people’s lives.​ 

At Liberty Mutual, we believe that progress happens when people feel secure. By supporting the efforts and expertise of our community partners, we can help ensure that our neighbors have the security and opportunities they need to move forward with confidence and thrive.

Our philanthropy focuses on:

With vital services and a place to call home, people have the security they need to strike out toward a brighter future.
Advancing Security
Expanding opportunities for people and addressing the challenges of climate change, communities can grow more resilient.
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As Liberty Torchbearers, our employees give, volunteer, and serve to make a positive impact in their communities.
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Liberty Foundation President Melissa MacDonnell

A Q&A with Foundation President Melissa MacDonnell

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Community Engagement - Liberty Torchbearers our community of caring, consists of three distinct programs under one umbrella with many of our employees participating in more than one of these programs: Give with Liberty, Serve with Liberty and Volunteer with Liberty. Through our Torchbearers programs, we stand with our employees in helping them support the communities and charitable causes they care most about. Give with Liberty 10,493 U.S. and Canada Liberty Mutual employee donations. $7.4Million donated.
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Rising to the challenge of climate change

Our community partners understand the growing impact of climate change in the communities they serve and are eager to explore solutions. Last year, we offered 80 environmental mini-grants to support our community partners in prioritizing climate resiliency in their work. We also provided $1.3 million in grants to support nature-based initiatives, green jobs skills training, and community infrastructure.