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Boston After School & Beyond

To help students achieve significant gains in skills such as critical thinking, communication, teamwork and perseverance. (2-year grant)

Boston, MA

Boston Area Rape Crisis Center

To support housing services for persons facing displacement and homelessness due to sexual violence.

Cambridge, MA

Boston Arts Academy Foundation

To support summer reading and math programs for Boston Arts Academy high school students. (2-year grant)

Boston, MA

Boston Ballet

To improve dance access for children and teenagers for whom disability or financial constraints would place such opportunities beyond reach. (3-year grant)

Boston, MA

Boston CASA, Inc.

To provide public transportation reimbursements and take waste reduction steps.

Boston, MA

Boston CASA, Inc.

To create programming that will provide educational opportunities for youth aging out of foster care.

Boston, MA

Boston Children's Chorus

To serve diverse singers in after-school and year-round through music workshops and pop-up choirs.

Boston, MA