Liberty Mutual Innovation

At Liberty Mutual, we view every aspect of our business through the lens of innovation.

Our goal is to break away from the old mindset and think outside of traditional insurance roles. To succeed going forward, we need to continue to build a diverse, future-ready team, equipped with skillsets that range from technology and data mining to marketing, development and creative design. We're proving that insurance is not the one-dimensional industry it used to be - and we've taken the lead in transforming its image, outlook and potential.

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Solaria Labs
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Liberty Mutual Strategic Ventures

As the venture capital arm for Liberty Mutual, we invest in early-stage software, platform, and services companies who are reshaping the insurance landscape.

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Solaria Labs

Solaria Labs has one simple mandate: to bring disruptive innovations that make a better, safer future. We pursue this mandate by building and testing experimental new products based on customer-centric research and emerging trends.