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CS&R uses case interviews to screen candidates during the interview process. We asked several Senior Managers in the group what makes candidates stand out to them during an interview.
Liberty Mutual CS&R: A Week in the Life of a CS&R Senior Manager
Every year, the top leaders of Liberty Mutual come together in November to recap the year — looking back on business results, accomplishments, and obstacles faced—and looking forward to next year’s priorities, focus areas, and goals.
Personal narrative on switching from external consulting to internal consulting, by Alison Kinzie, Managing Director in Corporate Strategy & Research
CS&R was recognized as the best internal consulting team for its performance in delivering high-quality analyses and creating significant enterprise impact
Thought piece on when to engage an internal consulting team and when to engage external consultants…and why both are crucial towards F500 companies’ strategic success
Social engagement and activities from CS&R
Liberty Mutual partnered with MIT on a novel five-year collaboration to support AI research in computer vision, computer language understanding, data privacy and security, and risk-aware decision making
CS&R was recognized for the creation and management of a company-wide project focused on autonomous vehicles (AV)

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