Diversity & Inclusion

At Liberty Mutual, diversity is about all of us. By recognizing, appreciating and applying the unique insights, perspectives and backgrounds each person at Liberty Mutual brings to the table, we cultivate an atmosphere of trust and respect, built to deliver more innovative products and services for our customers.

Diversity & Inclusion is the way we do business and we will continue to invest in it to create a stronger global organization.

"Liberty Mutual Insurance is committed to continuous improvement, innovation and excellence. By encouraging a broad array of ideas, attracting people of all backgrounds, and fully engaging all employees, we further the kind of company we are committed to being - one where people treat each other with dignity and deliver a consistently exceptional customer experience."

David Long, President & CEO

Dawn Frazier-Bohnert

Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer

It is an exciting time for Diversity & Inclusion at Liberty Mutual Insurance. Diversity and inclusion play an important role because they are directly tied to engagement, innovation and market competitiveness.

For us to continue to succeed in the global marketplace, we must attract and retain the right skills and the best, most diverse, talent. In order to do this, we are focused on building the cultural dexterity and collaboration skills of every employee.

Essential to our success is our ability to continue to look at ourselves differently and expand how we think about ourselves as Liberty Mutual. Our employees must reflect the values and diversity of our clients, customers, and the communities we serve.

Diversity & Inclusion is rooted in Our Principles. As we are committed to, "Treating people with dignity and respect," this is a promise that we make to our employees and guides how we engage with our customers, our community and our external partners. These values and principles hold true across our global enterprise.

Our Diversity & Inclusion Vision and Mission

United by our common purpose and principles, we value the unique backgrounds and cultures of our employees.
As a result of our deliberate focus, we create a stronger organization:
  • with an engaged and high performing workforce
  • that drives innovation and continuous improvements
  • with a loyal and connected customer base
  • and a sustainable competitive advantage in the marketplace

Employee Resource Groups

We are excited to support our employees and enhance our workplace through Employee Resource Groups (ERG). By establishing ERGs, we not only help our employees expand their networks to other areas of Liberty Mutual, but we support our recruitment initiatives, maximize new market opportunities, better meet our customer needs, and develop innovative solutions.

We believe that the inclusion of allies is a critical component of ERGs, as it gives employees of different backgrounds an opportunity to learn about others and make their communities stronger. As a result of experiencing each other's similarities and differences through the ERGs, we create an inclusive environment which fosters employee engagement, innovation and enhanced business results.
Amigos@Liberty + Allies — Dedicated to the Hispanic/Latino Community. Amigos serves as a resource to connect, support and develop Liberty Mutual Insurance Group's Hispanic/Latino community.

LEAAP@Liberty + Allies — Leading & Empowering Asian American Professionals raises employee awareness about Asian Americans' cultural strengths and positive impacts in business.

LEADA@Liberty + Allies — Liberty Employees of African Descent and Allies fosters building, growing and learning together with ongoing support and professional development for employees of African descent and their allies.

Pride@Liberty + Allies — promotes an inclusive working environment where lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employees and allies feel a sense of community and opportunity.

WE@Liberty + Allies — Empowering Women. Engaging Men. Enhancing Our Success. WE@Liberty enriches the work environment and career opportunities for women and men by building a culture of open communication and inclusiveness.

Valor@Liberty + Allies — seeks to engage and empower our military, veterans and ally community through building a strong internal network that fosters personal and professional growth and supports external initiatives and programs.