June 17, 2015 - Smart homes are no longer a thing of the future.  From smoke alarms that can speak to you to inform you of potential danger, to thermostats that know how to keep you comfortable, the capabilities of smart homes grow every day. To reward consumers embracing this technology to create a safer home, Liberty Mutual Insurance today announced a new partnership with Nest to provide enhanced savings and protection to its customers.

Starting next week, Nest customers in six states who have installed a Nest Protect smoke and carbon monoxide alarm can take advantage of Liberty Mutual’s Smart Home Verified Discount program. Liberty Mutual will offer additional discounts for customers who choose to electronically share that their smart home safety devices are functioning properly.  This is an evolution of Liberty Mutual’s Protective Devices discount program, which now includes specific discounts for smart-phone enabled smoke alarms as well as new water and theft protection technologies.

Through programs such as Nest Safety Rewards, customers can authorize their smart home provider to share basic information with Liberty Mutual Insurance to verify the devices are installed and working correctly. In the case of Nest Safety Rewards, Nest will tell Liberty Mutual once a month if Nest Protect’s batteries are charged, its sensors are working and its Wi-Fi connection is good.

“Liberty Mutual Insurance is excited to partner with Nest and bring this valuable program to consumers,” said Michael Robon, senior vice president and Property Product Manager, Liberty Mutual Insurance. “These technologies provide the opportunity for consumers to reduce the chance of harm to their family and home by detecting events that trigger alerts on their smart-phones, wherever they may be. We believe customers seeking to monitor their homes with devices like Nest Protect demonstrate responsible behavior. As a result, we will be offering these customers reduced pricing on their home insurance policy. This not only provides better value for our customers, but also enables us to better understand how different technologies may reduce risk for our customers.”

“We’ve always known that Nest Protect is one of the best ways to keep families safe from fire and carbon monoxide, and now we’re excited to partner with Liberty Mutual Insurance to reward customers for being safe,” said Ben Bixby, general manager of energy and enterprise, Nest.

The Liberty Mutual Smart Home program will be available in Illinois, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Alabama, Maine and Wisconsin on June 22. The program will be introduced in additional states later this year.

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