Rating Tables

​​​List of Liberty Mutual Entities with Financial Strength Ratings (1)

Legal Entities

​A.M. Best​Moody's​S&P
​​American Economy Insurance Company​​A​​A2​​A
​​America First Insurance Company​​A​​-​​A
​America First Lloyd's Insurance Company​​A​​-​​-
​American Fire and Casualty Company​​​A​​A2​​A
​​American States Insurance Company​​A​A2​​A
​​American States Insurance Company of Texas​​A​​-​​-
​​American States Lloyds Insurance Company​​A​​-​​-
​​American States Preferred Insurance Company​​A​A2​​A
​​Colorado Casualty Insurance Company​​A​​-​​A
​​Consolidated Insurance Company​​A​​-​​A
​​Employers Insurance Company of Wausau​​A​​A2​​A
​​Excelsior Insurance Company​​A​​-​​A
​​The First Liberty Insurance Corporation​​A​​A2​A
​​First National Insurance Company of America​​A​​A2​​A
​​General Insurance Company of America​​A​A2​A
​​Golden Eagle Insurance Corporation​​A​​-​​A
​​Hawkeye-Security Insurance Company​​A​​-​​A
​​Indiana Insurance Company​​A​​-​​A
​​Insurance Company of Illinois
​Ironshore Indemnity Inc.​A​A2A​
​Ironshore Specialty Insurance CompanyA​​A2A​
​​Liberty County Mutual Insurance Company​​A​​-​​-
​​Liberty Insurance Corporation​​A​​A2​​A
​​Liberty Insurance Underwriters Inc.​​A​​A2​​A
​​Liberty Life Assurance Company of Boston​​A​​-​A
​​Liberty Lloyds of Texas Insurance Company​​A​​-​​-
​​Liberty Mutual Fire Insurance Company​​A​​A2​​A
​​Liberty Mutual Insurance Company​​A​​A2​​A
​​Liberty Mutual Insurance Europe SE​​-​​-​​A
​​Liberty Mutual Mid-Atlantic Insurance Company​​A​​-​​A
​​Liberty Mutual Personal Insurance Company​​A​​-​-
​​Liberty Northwest Insurance Corporation​​A​-​​A
​​Liberty Personal Insurance Company​​A​​-​​A
​​Liberty Surplus Insurance Corporation​​A​​A2​A
​​LM General Insurance Company​​A​​-​​-
​​LM Insurance Corporation​​A​​A2​​A
​​LM Property and Casualty Insurance Company​​A​​​-​​A
​​Mid-American Fire & Casualty Company​​A​​-​-
​​The Midwestern Indemnity Company​​A​​-​​A
​​Montgomery Mutual Insurance Company​​A​​-​​A
​​National Insurance Association​​A​-​-
​​The Netherlands Insurance CompanyA​​-​​A
​​North Pacific Insurance Company​​A​​-​​A
​​The Ohio Casualty Insurance Company​​A​​A2​A
​​Ohio Security Insurance Company​​A​​A2​A
​​Oregon Automobile Insurance Company​​A​​-​A
​​Peerless Indemnity Insurance Company​​A​-​​A
​​Peerless Insurance Company​​A​A2​​A
​​Safeco Insurance Company of America​​A​​A2​A
​​Safeco Insurance Company of Indiana​​A​​-​​-
​​Safeco Insurance Company of Illinois​​A​​A2​A
​​Safeco Insurance Company of Oregon​​A​​-​-
​​Safeco Lloyds Insurance Company​​A​-​​-
​​Safeco National Insurance Company​​A​​A2​​A
​Safeco Surplus Lines Insurance Company​​A​​-​-
​​San Diego Insurance Company​-​​-​​-
​​Wausau Business Insurance Company​​A​​A2​A
​​Wausau General Insurance Company​​A​​A2​A
​​Wausau Underwriters Insurance Company​​A​​A2​A
​​West American Insurance Company​​A​​A2​A

 List of Liberty Mutual Entities with Debt Ratings (1)


Legal Entity​A.M. Best​​Moody's​​​​S&P
​​Liberty Mutual Group Inc.
​​- Senior unsecured notes​​bbb​​Baa2​BBB
​​- Junior subordinated notes​​bb+​​Baa3​​BB+
​​- Medium term notes (2)​​a-​​Baa1​-
​​- Commercial paper (2)​​AMB-2​​Prime-2​​A-1
​​Liberty Mutual Insurance Company
​​- Surplus notes​​bbb+​Baa2​​BBB+
Liberty Mutual Finance Europe Designated Activity Company
- Senior unsecured notesbbb​Baa2​BBB​


​(1) The above ratings are accurate only as of June 19, 2017, and may be changed, superseded or withdrawn by the respective rating agency at any time.  For the most current and up-to-date information concerning the financial ratings of Liberty Mutual Group's entities, please visit the website of the respective rating agencies.

(2) On October 8, 2004, Liberty Mutual Capital Corporation (Boston), the former issuer of medium term notes and commercial paper for the Liberty Mutual Group of companies, was merged with and into Liberty Mutual Group Inc.

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