Management Team


David H. Long
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Neeti Bhalla Johnson
Executive Vice President; President and Chief Investment Officer, Investments

Melanie M. Foley
Executive Vice President and Chief Talent & Enterprise Services Officer

James F. Kelleher
Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer

Kevin H. Kelley
Vice Chairman, Global Risk Solutions

Dennis J. Langwell
Executive Vice President; President, Global Risk Solutions

James M. McGlennon
Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Christopher L. Peirce
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Timothy M. Sweeney
Executive Vice President; President, Global Retail Markets  

Mark C. Touhey
Senior Vice President and Secretary

Alison B. Erbig
Senior Vice President and Comptroller

Anthony G. Martella, Jr.
Senior Vice President and Chief Actuary

Laurance H.S. Yahia
Senior Vice President and Treasurer

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