In this year’s report of Our Giving, we are excited to share the impressive work of our community partners and to celebrate the many Liberty Mutual employees who stepped up to serve, give and volunteer.

Our role is to be the best partner we can. By lending our voice, our resources and our thought leadership, we strive to build momentum for the philanthropic causes to which Liberty Mutual is dedicated: ending homelessness, increasing access for people with disabilities and expanding educational opportunities for students from low-income backgrounds.

The pages that follow offer a glimpse into the lives that are touched by this work. You’ll meet Amina Johnson, who with the help of services from our nonprofit partners, earned her GED, found a job and is living in a room of her own while she saves up for permanent housing and college. 

You’ll discover how our new, universally accessible playground — Liberty Mutual’s second — is bringing joy and opportunity to a family with children on the autism spectrum in Plano, Texas.  And you’ll learn about dedicated coaches, like Malcolm Thomas from Freedom House, who are ensuring that underserved students have the support they need to complete high school and college. 

Multiply these individual stories of success and you begin to see the full impact of our giving and of the vital work done by our nonprofit partners. 

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the hundreds of agencies highlighted in these pages and to the tens of thousands of Liberty Torchbearers who engage with their communities. I’m inspired to be part of a community that cares so deeply about giving back.   

Melissa MacDonnell signature

Melissa M. MacDonnell
President, Liberty Mutual Foundation