Roles and Development

Develop a differentiated skill set

CS&R team members develop within the group, building a strong and diverse consulting and strategy skill set at a Fortune 100 company. They are then encouraged to join the core business as leaders or continue their education.

Undergraduate track
CS&R actively recruits for the associate consultant level from top undergraduate colleges and universities. Individuals with experience in consulting can apply for the senior associate consultant role. Typically, these members of the department will develop extensive consulting and insurance skill sets, and then join the core business in more experienced roles, or move on to top graduate programs after their time in CS&R.

CS&R Undergraduate Track

Graduate track
We recruit experienced candidates from top business schools and external consulting firms. At Liberty Mutual Insurance, those on the graduate track are encouraged to develop within the group for two to three years as they build a network of mentors and industry expertise organically through project work for our C-suite and executives. After the time within CS&R, typical career trajectory entails transitioning into the core business lines / functional areas as emerging leaders of the company; many of Liberty Mutual’s senior leaders are former CS&R members.


CS&R Graduate Track

Career Development and Training

Career Path Program Chart for CS&R
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