Liberty Mutual Foundation seeks to provide educational opportunity by empowering low-income youth to follow a successful educational path and by supporting learning opportunities that will allow them to reach their full potential.
One avenue through which Liberty Mutual seeks to achieve these goals is through our Education Initiative. The goal of the initiative is to improve the educational achievements and opportunities for disadvantaged youth. The initiative follows a two-year funding cycle. The current submission cycle (2015-16) has concluded, with the next available cycle scheduled for spring 2017. 
100 Ways!

For the 2015-16 funding cycle, we wanted to celebrate 100 inspirational organizations and their groundbreaking educational work with children, teens and young adults.
These grantees offer a range of services, including early reading instruction, tutoring, vocational training and more. The impact of these educational organizations has been significant.
We want to recognize the difference these organizations make in the lives of youth and in our communities in Boston and Seattle. We could not be more proud of the positive paths they are creating for young people.