Dear Friends,

There is so much to celebrate and admire as we look back on all that our community partners accomplished in 2022. The past few years have been full of unexpected challenges, but our partners have continued to make a transformative difference in the lives of the people they serve, offering security when it’s needed most, creating new opportunities for underserved youth, and helping communities grow ever stronger. It’s a true honor to put the strength of Liberty Mutual behind their efforts.

Our aspiration in our giving is to help people achieve security and resiliency. So, it’s gratifying to be able to celebrate real-world instances of this, like the incredible strides our partners have made toward ending youth homelessness in Boston in recent years. We are also impressed by how our community partners have tackled the challenges of inflation, thoughtfully leveraging mini-grants from Liberty Mutual to address increased program costs and greater need in their communities. On a celebratory note, we marked the 110th anniversary of Liberty Mutual in a way that was emblematic of our values, with gifts to 110 nonprofits worldwide, presented by employees.

It's a time of looking forward, too: we’re inspired by the initiatives we see so many of our community partners launching to advance green jobs and increase sustainability. Knowing that marginalized communities are disproportionately affected by the impacts of climate change, we are leaning into investments in this area, and last year offered our first series of grants specifically for climate resiliency. We’re excited to be on this new journey with our partners and look forward to gathering and learning from each other in the coming year.

Being able to reconvene in person with our community partners and colleagues again is, indeed, truly re-energizing. Our annual Executive Leadership Meeting was back in person in 2022, and we used the occasion to put together welcome kits with essential items for refugees and immigrants, including those from Ukraine. Last year also saw the return of our company-wide days of service, Serve with Liberty, with thousands of employees around the world serving together at nonprofits. As always, we’re humbled by the commitment of Liberty employees when it comes to the causes they care about. We believe there’s a Torchbearer in all of us and will continue to develop new ways to stand behind the passions and concerns of our employees as they give and serve.

We hope you’ll explore the stories of some of our dedicated community partners and employees in the pages of this site. We also invite you to browse the list of grantees, to see the breadth of our partnerships.

As the new year unfolds, we will continue to do all we can to amplify the vital work of our community partners. This includes continuing to solicit our partners’ input, learning from their expertise and optimizing our processes to make it as easy as possible for them to secure the resources they need.

To all our dedicated partners and colleagues, and to the individuals, families, and communities they serve: thank you. We’re so grateful for the opportunity to support your incredible work.


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Tim Sweeney                                                                             Melissa M. MacDonnell
President and Chief Executive Officer                                   President, Liberty Mutual Foundation

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