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Research Institute Staff

Our senior staff members have exceptional credentials across a wide-range of disciplines. Each has published research in prominent scientific publications. To learn more about our staff, click on the names below.

Abbatine, Teodora
directs the Knowledge Translation Unit.

Besen, Elyssa
focuses on work disability across the lifespan.

Chang, Wen-Ruey
specializes in slips and falls research.

Courtney, Theodore 
directs the Center for Injury Epidemiology and oversees the Institute's extramural collaborations.

Dainoff, Marvin
directs the Center for Behavioral Sciences.

Fleck, Richard
is the Institute's Director of Research Operations.

Hettinger, Lawrence
studies human-systems integration and sociotechnical systems.

Horrey, William
studies driver behavior and transportation safety.

Huang, Yueng-Hsiang
is an industrial and organizational psychologist.

Jacobs, Jesse
specializes in neural mechanisms of posture and balance with and without health conditions.

Lesch, Mary
studies the role of cognitive factors in workplace accidents and injuries.

Liang, Yulan
studies driver behavior, performance, and safety.

Lin, Tin-chi
studies the impact of the changing nature of work and life on injury.

Lombardi, David
studies the epidemiology of traumatic occupational injuries.

  Marucci-Wellman, Helen
conducts epidemiology research and develops methods for analyzing large occupational health datasets.

Miyasike-daSilva, Veronica
studies perceptual and cognitive factors involved in the control of balance and mobility.

Noy, Y. Ian
is the Research Institute Director.

Pransky, Glenn
directs the Center for Disability Research.

Robertson, Michelle
specializes in work systems design research concerning office ergonomics.

Schiffman, Jeffrey
directs the Center for Physical Ergonomics.

Sharafi, Bahar
studies biomechanics and underlying mechanisms of postural control as related to slips, trips, and falls.

Shaw, William
studies return to work outcomes for the Center for Disability Research.

Trippolini, Maurizio
studies recovery after traffic accidents – focusing on early risk identification, intervention and disability prevention.

Verma, Santosh
conducts epidemiological research in the area of slips, trips, and falls.

Xu, Xu
studies occupational biomechanics.

Young, Amanda
has research interests in psychosocial rehabilitation following disabling injury.