Subpoena Service

All Liberty Mutual entities require that service of process be made in full compliance with applicable law.

If permitted by applicable law, subpoenas can be directed to the Liberty Mutual’s registered agent for service of process – CSC’s website is However, if service by mail of your subpoena is permitted by applicable law, please reach out to for the appropriate mailing address by state. 

Liberty Mutual entities do not accept service of process by any means not specifically authorized. Improperly served subpoenas will be rejected and will need to be resubmitted according to the instructions provided.

Subpoena Requirements

In order to efficiently and promptly retrieve the requested records, the below is required:

  1. Type of record requested
  2. Plaintiff’s name
  3. Claimant’s date of birth. Provide either
    • Claimant’s full SSN/EIN or
    • Claimant’s full name and last 4 digits of their SSN
  4. Indicate the court/jurisdiction and include the case number
  5. Be issued to the correct Liberty Mutual entity
  6. Be signed and dated
  7. Date range of records
  8. In states where required, the authorization must be attached.

Any subpoenas received with vague requests or incorrect information (i.e. “any and all”) may result in limited responses, require additional research and delay timely production of a response.

Payment & Fees

Liberty Mutual reserves the right to charge reasonable copying costs and labor fees prior to the production of documents in response to any subpoena. Alternatively, we may issue an invoice to you after the provision of such services. You will receive an invoice with the payment due. Payment is expected within 30 days. Unpaid invoices are subject to collection.

Generally, the charges are as follows:

  • Labor: $25.00/hour*
  • Copies $0.25/page*

*Charges in CA as follows: $24.00/hour and copies as 0.10/page

Electronic payment details:

  • A single payment must be entered for each invoice. Bulk payments covering multiple invoices and breaking a single invoice amount into multiple payments is prohibited.
  • Payments sent in without the correct invoice could result in incorrect payment allocation.

​​​​​​​If you mail in a check, please include requestor entity, copy of invoice and case caption and send it to:

Central Subpoena Unit
350 E. 96th Street,
Mailstop 2B,
Indianapolis, IN 46240

Records Retrieval Steps / How to Open ShareFile Emails

  1. Click Download;
  2. Confirm your personal information and click Continue;
  3. Your username is your email address
  4. Create your password.  The passwords must meet the following requirements:
    1.  at least 1 upper case letter
    2.  at least 1 lower case letter
    3.  at least 1 number
    4.  at least 1 special characters
    5.  at least 8 characters in length
    6.  Passwords should match
    7. We'll also perform an additional strength check on save.
  5. Click Save and Sign-in
  6. Download records

Contact Information

To discuss your subpoena, please email us at:

When contacting with a question about subpoena status, please be prepared to provide your reference number and plaintiff’s name. When contacting with a billing questions, please be prepared to provide your invoice number.