Privacy Law - Notice of Information Practices

Liberty Mutual values you as a customer and takes your personal privacy seriously. When you apply for insurance, you disclose information about yourself or members of your household. Please note, we do not sell your information to mass marketing or telemarketing companies. This notice tells you how we treat the information we collect about you.

You should be aware that in connection with your application, renewal, reinstatement or change in insurance benefits:

  1. Personal information may be collected from third parties.
  2. Some of this personal information as well as other personal or privileged information subsequently collected by us, may in certain cases be disclosed to third parties without your authorization.
  3. Rights of access and of correction exist with respect to all personal information collected.
  4. Upon your request, a more detailed notice of our information practices will be furnished, if you write:

Liberty Mutual


PMKT 473


To download a copy of this document, please click here.