U.S. Surety Claims

​Liberty Mutual Surety has dedicated surety claim professionals with the knowledge and experience to address any claim that may arise on our bonds.  Our experienced claim handlers are committed to handling our bonded obligations efficiently and with integrity. 

For US residents, visit our simple web form to initiate the claims process. You will be guided by information and prompts based upon the type of claim you are submitting. 

Our claim professionals will also be happy to assist you.  You can contact us via email at HOSCL@libertymutual.com.  For bond verification inquiries, call 610-832-8240. 

You can also write to us at:

Liberty Mutual Surety™ 
PO Box 34526
Seattle, WA 98124 
Attention: LMS Claims

Please note that the above links and contact information are for surety bond claims or questions only.  For any questions related to personal insurance or commercial insurance, please return to the Liberty Mutual homepage.