U.S. Surety

​Liberty Mutual Surety™, the second largest surety writer in the U.S., works closely with independent agents and brokers and their customers to build mutually profitable relationships by providing ease of doing business, smart business solutions and professional, consistent and responsive service.

From first bond to jumbo capacity surety needs, we have the capabilities and expertise to underwrite all types of contractors and corporations for local, regional, national, and multi-national customers.


  • Liberty Mutual Surety provides domestic and international well-capitalized and liquid construction, manufacturing and supply risks.
  • We offer programs up to $750 million, with significant additional capacity for qualified customers
  • Learn more about U.S. Surety Contract Bonds


  • Liberty Mutual Surety provides Fortune 1000 public and private equivalent companies with industry-leading bond program capacity.
  • We offer individuals and small to mid-sized businesses capacity up to $5 million.
    • Probate and public official up to $50 million
    • Fidelity up to $500,000
  • Learn more about U.S. Surety Commercial Bonds

For more information, contact your independent agent or broker and see how our underwriters can help you meet your bonding obligations.

Surety Claims
  • ​Liberty Mutual Surety has dedicated surety claim professionals with the knowledge and experience to address any claim that may arise on our bonds.
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For U.S. Surety agents
  • Already appointed?

    Visit us at the Liberty Mutual Surety™ Agents’ Portal. All the major tools and resources you need are in one place.
  • Need to contact the National Bond Center?

    Contact 888-844-2663 or Bonds@LibertyMutual.com. The National Bond Center is open Monday through Saturday, 7pm –12pm ET, 4am – 9pm PT.
  • Need an appointment?

    Contact the National Bond Center at 888-844-2663 or Bonds@LibertyMutual.com. The National Bond Center will appoint you or refer you to the right underwriter.