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ALERT: "International Consumer Promotional Draw" Scam using Liberty Mutual Name

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(July 14, 2011)

It has come to our attention that a fraudulent sweepstakes letter is being sent to individuals along with a fake Liberty Mutual check in the amount of $5,100.49 from the "International Consumer Promotional Draw" in Las Vegas.

Liberty Mutual Insurance Company DOES NOT sponsor, promote or engage in international lotteries or sweepstakes where a fee must be paid.

The letter and check are fraudulent and are part of an advance fee scam suspected of being run out of Canada. The letter (with a header similar to that seen below) claims that you have won a sweepstakes and that you must contact "David Montgomery" in order to collect the prize.  A fake Liberty Mutual check is included in the mailing to cover "insurance and administrative fees".

  Fraud Alert: International Consumer Promotional Draw  

The scammers are also using the following names and phone numbers:

  • David Montgomery:   1-912-330-4479
  • Dan Evans: 1-604-773-4790
  • John Martins -- "Prize Award Administrator": 1-778-323-6788 and 1-847-223-4545

These are NOT Liberty Mutual Group employees and are NOT Liberty Mutual phone numbers.

If you receive a letter or phone call related to this scam, we would recommend that you DO NOT provide any personal information to these individuals, DO NOT attempt to deposit the check, and DO NOT send any money. If you have been the victim of this scam you should contact your local police department.

To report this type of fraudulent activity to Liberty Mutual you can email us at:

Additional resources for reporting these types of frauds and scams may be found at: