Management Liability

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It sounds basic, but you want your insurer to honor its promise when your client is in trouble. At LIU, our policy is making this happen. Here’s how we do it.

Our people and the way we do business.
Your time is important. So is your relationship with your client. That’s why when you call LIU, you’ll speak to an experienced underwriter who has the authority to make timely, well-informed decisions. You can expect us to listen well and deliver thoughtful solutions on your schedule.
LIU Management Liability underwriters average 15 years of experience in management liability risk -- coupled with business experience in finance or law. They have a powerful combination of skills that helps them quickly recognize what’s unique about a particular risk and craft a policy to meet your client’s needs.

Claims management approach that keeps you informed.
You can count on LIU to respond quickly and appropriately, and to put the best people on the job. Our people have experience in management liability claims servicing and business—experience that helps them minimize costs. And they know that everything that happens in the course of handling a claim has an impact on the business partnership between you, your client and LIU. So positive communication and teamwork are LIU claims managers’ top priorities.

Our process—informing on new kinds of risk every day.
We continuously evaluate changes that create or affect management liability risk, just as other insurers do. The difference: LIU’s research-based underwriting approach.
Our unique process combines what our underwriters learn from doing in-depth market investigation and analysis, with what they know based on their many years of market experience, which allows us to:
·   Underwrite consistently and predictably, so you always know what to expect from LIU. We’ve been underwriting management liability and related products since 1993.
·   Assess clients' exposures more accurately than our competitors, so your clients get the right coverage.
·   Discover emerging concerns so we can offer innovative products and policy features that provide the protection your clients need.

A broad suite of insurance products:
·   Directors & Officers (D&O) Liability coverage for public and private firms of all descriptions, including Fortune 1000, technology and financial services.
·    Side A Difference In Conditions (DIC) coverage – A non-rescindable, excess policy with broader terms to increase personal asset protection for directors and officers.
·   International D&O coverage for companies domiciled outside of the U.S.
·   Fidelity Insurance coverage for commercial and financial services accounts
·   Initial Public Offering coverage
·   Mergers / Acquisition coverage
·   Coverage offered on a primary and excess basis
·   Limits of liability up to $25 million

Custom-tailored policies for:
·   Publicly traded companies
·   Privately held firms
·   Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)
·   Private Equity firms
·   Investment Advisors
·   Fiduciary / Pension Liability Insurance
·   Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)


Liberty International Underwriters is the marketing name for the broker-distributed specialty lines business operations of Liberty Mutual Insurance. Certain coverage may be provided by a surplus lines insurer. Surplus lines insurers do not generally participate in state guaranty funds and insureds are therefore not protected by such funds. This literature is a summary only and does not include all terms, conditions, or exclusions of the coverage described. Please refer to the actual policy issued for complete details of coverage and exclusions.

Management Liability Team

Crystal Greene
Tel. (770) 250-3951
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Amanda Staruch
Tel. (770) 250-3957
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Mary Carrow
Tel. (312) 267-6164
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Matthew Niehaus
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Todd Weber
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Los Angeles
Reed Henderson
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New York
Carl Pursiano
Tel. (212) 208-4202
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Philip Yung
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Kristine Christ
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San Francisco
Alton Moore
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